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Reception Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

Let’s be honest here, décor and flowers may not be the focal point of your wedding, but it will certainly make an impact on the ambience of the evening (or day). Here are some things to consider when designing the look of your reception and tables.


Your main bridal table is often the focal point of your wedding reception. Our favourite is a sweetheart table of two. It is intimate, sweet, and always makes for incredible photos. This table is a space where you and your newly-we love are able to connect and enjoy a moment together while still being surrounded by your special wedding guests. As the focal point of the wedding reception, all eyes will be on this table throughout the night and so it is important to make the décor and flowers on this table really stand out.


When it comes to beautiful, luscious flowers – the sky is the limit! Suspended flowers draped romantically over your table… Large whimsical arrangements… Gorgeous romantic flower runners draping over the table and cascading to the floor… the options are endless. Having stunning flowers really makes a bold and beautiful statement.


Whether you are going for a formal, glamorous-styled wedding, or a romantic rustic wedding style – your guests’ chairs will really make a huge impact on the look of your wedding reception. Choosing a pretty chair doesn’t have to be pricey, even the cheapest options compliment the tables beautifully.


You’ve gotten you chairs covered, but what about your tables? Most venues offer a standard table which needs a tablecloth. Hiring in beautiful modern tables isn’t always in the budget, but if you can get them – these are a gorgeous way to make your reception really pop. With a gorgeous glass table or a stunning modern white table, even with a romantic wooden table – you are sure to take the look of your wedding from gorgeous to showstopper!


Complimented with beautiful flowers, candles are another element that really sets the ambience for your special wedding reception. The natural romantic candlelight is what gives your guests ALL the feels!


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