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Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

Your wedding was all set – you had a date, your venue was booked, the menu was planned down to the decadent canapés that were going to be served during the cocktail hour, and your dress is hanging in a secret hiding spot where your partner can’t sneak a peak. But you have had to postpone your wedding due to this crazy pandemic we all find ourselves in. Now what?

You are not alone. You might find some solitude in the fact that there are, unfortunately, many couples who have also had to postpone their special wedding day. You are allowed to be sad, and you are allowed to mourn the occasion, but also – you are allowed to still CELEBRATE your original wedding date.

Here are some small and meaningful ways that you can still celebrate your original wedding date while social distancing:


Get dressed to the nines, do your make up, set up the most romantic table you can, put on feel good music, and order in from your favorite restaurant! Have an intimate little pre-wedding right there in the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget the wine!


Contact your wedding cake supplier, and order a very small single tier version of your wedding cake.


Pop open your favorite bottle of champagne, and make a romantic toast to one another. Cheers to your special night together, the beautiful wedding with all your family and friends that is still to come, and an incredible future that you will both share.


This is the perfect time to practice that first dance that you have both been stressing about for the past couple of weeks. Put on the song you want to play, and take a spin under the romantic starry sky.


Get all of your bridal party together for a virtual wedding celebration over a video call. Even if you can’t all be together in person, you can definitely all have a toast together virtually. Good music, good wine, and good company!

While it is very sad to have to postpone such a special date, one you have been looking forward to for such a long time, you can still celebrate and enjoy it. Look at it as your pre-wedding build up!


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