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Planning A Wedding In A Pandemic

Covid-19 has put a serious pause on our wedding plans, but it doesn’t need to put a pause on the wedding planning fun! While you may not want to be booking wedding suppliers until everything has cleared up and you know your wedding date is safe, there are so many other ways you can continue the wedding planning momentum – right from your couch!

So get comfy, put on some good music, and grab a glass of wine (level 3 – yay!). Here are some fun and enjoyable wedding planning things you can do to tick off that checklist:


The music you choose will set the mood for your entire wedding (no pressure). Sit down with your partner and think up some songs you want to make sure are played on your special day. Choose some songs that are sentimental to the two of you, some songs that will be giving your guests all the feels, and some songs that will be sure to get the guests out on the dance floor.


Okay, so this is one of the toughest parts of the wedding planning – and one you definitely want to get out of the way. This is a timely process, and you will have a lot of important factors to consider. How many people can your venue hold? How many people can your budget afford? Is it really necessary to invite that third-cousin-once-removed? Take some time and sit with you partner, and make a list of priorities to you. Once you both know what priorities you share, it will make it easier to know where, and who, to eliminate.


If you have an idea more-or-less of who will be attending your wedding, you will be able to create the first draft of your seating arrangements. This is another timely process that will require some flexibility. Remember, it is not necessary to seat people in specific seats – but it is definitely more convenient to seat people at a certain table.


This is actually one of the very exciting and fun tasks that you get to do! Sit in a different room to your partner so that nobody sneaks-a-peak, and take the time to think about your love and why they mean everything to you. Think about all of the special moments you have had together; the incredible ways your partner is unique to anyone else; and why your love for each other surpasses the light all of the stars on a beautiful dark night. Don’t feel the pressure to write absolutely perfect vows, take a breath and write sincerely from the heart.


This has to be one of our favorite wedding to-dos! Putting together that gorgeous inspiration board for all things wedding. Take the time to scroll through endless amounts of pictures on colors, delicious food, beautiful flowers, romantic lighting, and whimsical wedding attire. Put together mood-boards with all of your pictures, easier yet – a secret Pinterest board, and take notes of any suppliers that you find and like along the way. Having a foundation of what you like in pictures is an easier way of communicating that to your wedding suppliers and getting the wedding of your dreams!


You may not be at the booking phase, but now that you have an idea of what you like and a list of the wedding suppliers that speak to you – get in contact! Start getting quotations, and prices, and see what is possible within your budget. Having all of this information at hand will make it easy and simple to book and secure your wedding suppliers once you are ready.

You will be getting that wedding checklist ticked off, and having fun in the comfort and safety of your own home while doing it!


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