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Wedding | Marco & Natalie




Marco and Natalie wanted a very simplistic look for their wedding choosing to go for very minimal décor along with sticking to an all-white color scheme, with a touch of silver when necessary.

We got to set up at one our favorite venues: the gorgeous Red Ivory Lodge in Hartebeesport.




We used gorgeous stands with hanging crystals (which we got especially made up for Natalie as her heart was set on them) along with beautiful long white flower arrangements. This centerpiece was alternated with long mirror boxes keeping the same styled flower arrangements.




We used white Tulips in small glass vases next to each centerpiece, along with crystal candle holders and white candles. In the flower arrangements we used a mix of white Roses, Hydrangeas and Chrysanthemums. The flowers were so fresh and beautiful – that the arrangements left over by guests who didn’t take them actually lasted a full week and a half at our office which was great!




We weren’t able to get the professional photographs, so the pictures I took as we finished setting up on my good old iPhone will have to do! Please excuse my terrible photography skills :) Enjoy!

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