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Corporate Event | Actom's 65th Anniversary

Working with Actom was such a pleasure. We had a wonderful time planning their 65th anniversary open day, and an even better time coordinating it. It isn’t often that you get to see how beautiful engines are made if you are an event planner, and we had a lot of fun learning some new things and going behind the scenes!






We decided to do the event in the company’s colors: white and royal blue. These colors compliment each other so beautifully and it was really easy to make it look professional and simple, as well as eye catching. Being a very “manly” corporate event, we really kept the décor simplistic and clean.






Everyone at Actom had a wonderful time, and their clients had a really good day – taking tours of the factory and enjoying a little bit of time off work to mingle. It was a wonderful day, and we are really glad we got the chance to work with such a wonderful company.







Planning, Decor & Flowers: Red In Paris Events


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